Kat Biggie Press


Kat Biggie Press is a small hybrid publisher with a niche in women’s non-fiction, self-help, spiritual, and business books. We hope to make the world a better place by publishing high-quality books that inspire, that are about transformation, self-help, overcoming the odds and doing good from it, teaching the world your knowledge to help someone else along the way, and encouragement.

We also run Purple Butterfly Press, a small press for children’s books.

Here are some FAQs that may help you understand a bit more about how we operate.

  1. What is a hybrid press? A hybrid press is a partnership model that allows new authors and authors without a platform to still publish their excellent books. Often traditional publishers turn away good books because the author does not have the audience to sell to. However, we believe these books still deserve to be published in a highly professional manner. So, the author takes on some of the risk by paying a fee for services. Beyond that, the hybrid press operates almost identically to a traditional publishing house. Authors are under contract and receive royalties, which are much higher because of the fees for services.
  2. KBP provides the cover – what say do I have in the cover design?
    You are essentially in charge of your cover. Unlike larger houses, unless we know from our expertise in the industry that what you want is a horrible idea, we usually defer to the author’s preference on covers. I’ll definitely provide feedback, but you and Michelle will work together to make the perfect cover. She will work with you to make sure it’s exactly what you want. After speaking with you and getting an idea of what you want, she’ll put together several mockups, but she doesn’t stop until you’re happy (within reason).
  3. Where do you distribute books?
    We distribute our books through : IngramSpark, CreateSpace, Kobo, Ibooks, KDP, GooglePlay, Nook – at a baseline. We work with our authors to get books placed into bookstores and libraries. We are constantly working to get into different places, but cannot guarantee that your book will or will not be picked up by other retailers. Ideally, we want to get it every place we can. Local bookstores and libraries are also able to order your book through the IngramSpark catalog.
  4. Do you do marketing for me? KBP actually does quite a bit more marketing than many other hybrid presses and more than traditional for sure. We will help set up your landing and sales pages, get your social media and blogging efforts underway, and support you through a successful book launch. Our CEO, Alexa Bigwarfe, is also committed to training new authors in book marketing techniques and provides coaching for all of her authors so they are well prepared to market their book.
  5. How do I get my book into fairs and Expos?
    EXPOS and FAIRS. We host a shelf at least 2 book expos a year. We have done NY Book Expo and Chicago Book Expo and are planning on Frankfurt. These are attended by tens of thousands of librarians, local bookstores, distributors, other book companies, and book buyers. Getting into more book fairs and events is on our strategic plan for this year, but if we don’t attend, we send our books through the Independent Book Publishers Association, who provide us with the list of contacts for everyone who visits their booth. We also encourage our authors to find local fairs and expos and register for a table to sell your book. They are all over the place. We’re constantly seeking new opportunities and places to showcase our catalog and authors.

  6. How does KBP pay authors?
     The hybrid publishing model is more of a partnership between author and publisher, therefore we do not pay out royalties in the “traditional” publishing sense. Instead, we pay out quarterly earnings. The percentage of book sales earnings you will receive is on net sales. You receive 60% net sales on print and roughly 75-80% ebook (there is an additional small percentage from Ingram on different types of ebook sales.) You will note that in the ebook area in particular, our authors receive way more than traditionally published authors.

KBP takes a distribution and management fee of 40% of net sales on all print books sold and 20% on all e-books sold + Ingram’s ebook fees and commissions, which are 5.6% of retail cost for Apple ebooks and 7.5% of net non-Apple ebooks. Authors receive 100% of any profits from sales from their website, at events, or other sales the author makes directly. 

Authors will receive quarterly statements and accounts will be kept current. Authors benefit from having a publisher manage their POD and e-book accounts because of all of the many intricacies of managing and distributing their book and management of all of the correct metadata to ensure the book is properly positioned and placed for sales.

Here is an example of what an author will earn on a $16.95 book (depending on when/how/where it is sold)

FOR BOOKS SOLD DIRECTLY FROM YOUR WEBSITE OR AT LIVE EVENTS: (you will be able to order your own copies at manufacturing cost)

  • The Net Sales Price will be the $16.95, or a little less if you discount it.
  • The manufacturing cost  is usually around $4 ( you will also have to pay shipping and tax on the bulk orders)
  • If you hand-sell the books from among your own initial inventory or ship them yourself, those are your only costs.
  • So, if you sell your book directly, your Net Profit will be:  around $12.95

You can generally charge between $4-$5 for shipping and handling if you choose to pass that cost along to your buyers.


  • The Net Sales Price will be $9.32 or 55% of the $16.95 (standard trade discount required by retailers is 55%).
  • The manufacturing cost will be about $4.
  • For distribution, maintaining the trade relationships, and accounting for book sales, KBP receives a 40% fee from the Net Sales Price.
  • So, for books sold through the trade at this price, your Net Profit will be approximately: $1.59 per book ($9.32 minus $4 [manufacturing] minus $3.73 [40% of $9.32]).


  • E-books are currently sold at the price set by KBP with author approval.
  • For managing relationships and files, distribution to the trade partners, and for handling all customer service and accounting, KBP receives a 20% fee from the Net Sales Price. (plus Ingram’s fees and commissions as noted below)
  • There are two ways in which e-book earnings are calculated, depending on where the e-books are sold. The pricing for these two models is broken out here. Note Ingram’s fees and commissions, which are 5.6% of retail cost for the agency model and 7.5% of net for the wholesale model.
E-BOOK Agency Model (e.g., Apple)
Kat Biggie Press Traditional Publisher
List Price $9.99 $9.99
Retailer $3.00 $3.00
Fees/commissions $0.56 $0.76
Publisher $1.40 $4.74
Author $5.03 $1.49
E-BOOK Wholesale Model (e.g., Amazon)
Kat Biggie Press Traditional Publisher
List Price $9.99 $9.99
Retailer $5.24 $3.00
Fees/commissions $0.36 $0.76
Publisher $0.95 $4.74
Author $3.44 $1.49