Kat Biggie Press

Savvy Bitch

Savvy Bitch Is Coming!

Savvy Bitch is a book for all female entrepreneurs who are struggling to get beyond their own challenges, scale their business, and achieve the work-life balance they want as a busy mom and entrepreneur.

Lauren Taylor skillfully weaves in her own personal story of painful challenges and obstacles and how she put systems and structures in place to grow immensely in her career in a very short time-frame. She shares those systems and structures with the reader because of her passion for empowering other women, building community, and her dedication to mentorship amongst female entrepreneurs.

If you want to grow your business massively while not having to sacrifice your time with your loved ones and your personal life, you MUST read this book. Let Lauren teach you how to embrace your inner Savvy Bitch to rock your business.

This book launches in September. Sign up to receive information when it is available.

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