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Featured Author: Heather LeRoss

Just Tell Me I’m Pretty: Musings on a Messy Life

Heather writes to connect women who feel alone, who are missing a village of support. She writes for the mother of a special needs child who’s not sure how she is going to manage one more melt-down, one more parent-teacher conference, or one more day.

I wrote the book so other women could read my stories and feel like they’re not alone in the insanity that comes with raising a family, divorce, blending families, getting older, and watching their parents age. I wrote it to help women who parent a child who requires a little “more” from the world and who sometimes feel overwhelmed by this need. I wrote it for the women who sometimes feel like they want to run, who cry at odd times, and who might like to simply hear, “You look pretty today.”

Heather started her writing journey on her blog, Tipsy Tiaras.  Tipsy Tiaras was born when Heather wanted to promote her children’s book, about a near-sighted, clumsy monster with a lisp named Sampson, who is afraid of kids and gets uncontrollable gas when he tries to be scary.  She wrote stories about her life and  interviewed women with amazing stories to tell and wrote about them. Her blog struck a chord, so much so that readers sought Heather out to tell her how much her writing helped them or made them laugh. Heather decided she wanted to reach a wider audience and give more people the “feel-goods.”  Just Tell I’m Pretty: Musings on a Messy Life is a compilation of blog posts and never-published content.

Heather’s an imperfect human trying to raise perfect humans. She’s mom to 2 boys of her own and a stepson. She lives in the gross world of boys who argue about using soap in the shower and ensure the dog always has fun stuff to lick in the bathroom.

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