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Featured Author: Samantha Munoz

Samantha Munoz is a wife and mother. She blogs about how she parents her daughter with children’s literature. She doesn’t just randomly throw books on her shelves or give her a stack of books Sam hasn’t carefully read herself. No, she is creating an intentional bookshelf for her. In fact, she wrote an entire book about it so that you can parent intentionally through your book choices as well.


  • I absolutely love coffee. I actually have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to it.
  • I am a software developer / consultant engineer at an amazing company with a very dynamic, wonderful team.
  • My hubby is in the military which makes me a military spouse. We move around a lot and I enjoy every minute of it.
  • I never thought I wanted more than one child but now I’m reconsidering because Addison brings my life so much joy.
  • Oh, and I’m sarcastic. So get used to it. If you’re a love of sarcasm and humor, welcome!


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The Intentional Bookshelf: Parent with Literature and Build Your Unique Child’s Perfect Little Library

Do you need direction to help guide your child through different stages of life?

Are you searching for specific topics to help you teach your child about specific situations?

You are a parent and with that title comes both endless joy and an incredible responsibility.

You have the opportunity to mold and shape your child in any way imaginable, and that fact alone is scary and overwhelming.

You CAN convey the importance of certain values, morals, stories, and educational information through the books that you choose to read to your children.

Stop thinking you have to do it all by yourself! In The Intentional Bookshelf author, blogger, and bibliophile-mama, Samantha Munoz shares how her daughter’s carefully curated bookshelf has saved her sanity as a parent and can save yours, too. Through actionable tips, thoughtful personal stories, and tongue in cheek humor, Sam teaches you:

  • The value of literature for parents and children
  • How to plan and build your child’s library
  • The types of books to choose from
  • How to organize your shelves
  • Unique activities to go outside the book
  • and more!

As one happy reader stated, “No matter what you’re dealing with in parenthood there is a book out there that covers that situation. If you buy your children’s book ‘intentionally’ like Sam explains then you will have books for each season of life.”

Emily P says, “Sam offers a practical and simplified approach to parenting through a curated library of books for your little one. By being selective about which books you incorporate into your child’s library you can convey the importance of certain values, morals, stories, and educational information. Sam tells you step by step how you can start your own intentional library, from budget ideas and how to display and organize your collection to examples of books that suit every reading stage, theme, and book type. She doesn’t stop there though! Sam also provides ideas for exploring concepts and books outside of the pages that you and your child read. At the end of the book, Sam provides a great checklist and resources for celebrating your library milestones and ideas on how to make your collection personal to you and your family. What a great gift for expecting or new parents! I can’t wait to give a copy of this to friends & family as part of their baby gifts!”

The choice is yours; either struggle through parenting with no backup or learn to craft a library of resources that is a reflection of your child and your family. (Hint, if the second option sounds amazing the Intentional Bookshelf is for you!)

Add this book to your cart TODAY so you can spend more time reading and less time finding the perfect books!


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