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Featured Author: M.B. Antevasin

Keeping secrets makes us sick.
But what if you have never been allowed to speak your truth?

As she gives birth for the first time, her plans for a well-prepared natural birth are pushed aside. To make sense of this traumatic birth, she is forced to reexamine her entire life and the circumstances that brought her to this point. In the stories that we keep secret, we hear the betrayals of trust that keep victims frozen in their wounds. In a clear voice, M.B. Antevasin asks the difficult questions that we all wish to hear answered.

Breaking the silence holds the key to healing.
But what if sharing your story is what terrifies you the most?

There is nothing like becoming a mother to make a woman find her courage and push through her fears. This is a recipe for true transformation. As a mother she demands more; from herself, from the world on behalf of her children, and on behalf of all women.

M.B. Antevasin takes us on a healing journey through the exquisitely powerful lens of birth and motherhood. From Cesarean birth to VBAC, to an empowering home birth, this insightful narrative verbalizes her transformation from a victim into a woman with her own power and her own voice. Throughout The Birth of Magdalena, M.B. Antevasin provides resources, tools, and inspiration for other mothers and survivors to create a new story for themselves and for their children.

birth of magdalena


About Michelle:

Michelle has been studying the science of Health and Wellness for over twenty years. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and a Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology and is a Certified Science Teacher. While raising her 4 children she became an accredited La Leche League Leader and a Professionally Trained Birth Doula and recently completed a 3-year Energy Healing training and is a Certified Family Trauma Professional. She currently runs her own health consultation business and is a Professor of Business, Health and Science. She volunteers with Children and Families in her community and she works to end patterns of abuse and trauma by sharing her own healing journey through her writing and she brings to her classes and workshops her experience as a teacher, a mother, a survivor and a healer. Michelle also holds support groups monthly and is available for private healing sessions.




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