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Created for This: Daily Devotional by Danielle Roberts

christian devotional


Created for This, a devotional for Christian women entrepreneurs, was created for you! It will guide you in growing stronger in your faith, which will lead to greater confidence in your business! Are you craving more intimate time with Jesus but are pulled in every possible direction? Your family needs you, the house needs to be cleaned, meals need to be cooked, you’d love to have a movie night with your girlfriends, and your business is just on the brink of thriving.

All of these things are important but . . . how do you prioritize something as intangible as “time with Jesus?” Let me remind you of something you already know: When you take time with and for Jesus, everything else aligns much smoother and easier. Every other priority in your life falls into place. He is the answer to a well-run life! And the good news is you don’t need to carve out hours of time every day to do that. If you can manage to squeeze 10-15 minutes of your day into a quiet spot with scripture, it will make a significant difference in your personal life and your business.

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