Kat Biggie Press

Ditch The Fear and Just Write It!

Ditch The Fear

In this 12-week workbook (if a timeframe scares the pants off of you, don’t let it – this is just a suggested timeline to get you moving forward) writers will find a simple-action oriented format with:

  • Tips for getting started
  • Daily and weekly activities to ensure you don’t push it off… again
  • How to write and plan your outline
  • Taking your outline and writing your first draft
  • Tools, strategies, advice from other female entrepreneurs who took the plunge and wrote their book to grow their business
  • Mindset work to get you past your limiting beliefs
  • The motivation to get moving
  • Inspirational tips
  • Time management strategies
  • Space to journal your thoughts, if that’s your thing
  • and so much more!

This journal walks writers through the key steps of getting the outline and  first draft completed, and work through mindset issues, conquering fears, and any  issues that holding writers back.