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Navigating the Unknown: An Immediate Guide When Experiencing the Loss of Your Baby by Amie Lands

infant loss; grief; grieving mother


“How does a grieving parent survive when their beloved baby has died? Bereaved families often find themselves navigating an unknown world of grief after experiencing stillbirth or infant loss. When faced with this unimaginable situation, this is the book that families need immediately to help guide them through their loss.”

Navigating the Unknown, An Immediate Guide When Experiencing the Loss Of Your Baby is a handbook for bereaved parents, those who love them, and the medical staff who care for them. This book has been written to serve and guide families when they receive a life-limiting diagnosis and in the days immediately following the loss of their precious baby. It is a book that all parents hope they will never have to read, created to support those who have been thrust into a world in which their baby will never come home.

This book encompasses everything that you need to know about navigating the unfamiliar journey of grief. It covers all the unexpected decisions that need to be made when a parent faces such devastating news, and follows through the first year and after, including:

*informing others

*experiencing grief

*taking care of oneself

*asking for help

*how to re-enter into the world

*having “grocery store conversations”

*holidays, birthdays, anniversaries

*how to memorialize, honor and celebrate your precious baby

Whether the loss is recent, beyond the first year, or you are simply the loved one of a grieving parent, Navigating the Unknown will gently walk with you through this devastating experience.

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