Kat Biggie Press

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General Guidelines

At this time, Kat Biggie Press accepts nonfiction books written by female authors. We are committed to publishing books on topics of inspiration, transformation, self-help, memoirs, encouragement, and other books that share stories and information from female authors.

We do also accept books for our Children’s book company – Purple Butterfly Press.

We are willing to review unsolicited and non-agented manuscripts.

At this time, Kat Biggie Press is only able to receive submissions and queries by e-mail. If submitting a manuscript, please attach the entire manuscript. Length is not an issue at this time. We are not responsible for the return of your manuscript.

Please be patient when submitting a manuscript or query. Each will be reviewed in turn. Expect at least a week-long delay before receiving a response.

Kat Biggie Press / Purple Butterfly Press understands that authors, in order to maximize their chances of acceptance, will send multiple submissions to many publishers. However, we would appreciate that if this is the case, that you make us aware of this in your query or submission. This will not lessen your chances of acceptance.

Specific Requirements

For Manuscript Queries:

The reason you created your manuscript.

A synopsis of your book.

The target market/ideal audience that the book is intended and why you believe it will be appreciated by that group.

Children’s books: If it is illustrated, please attach a sample of the artwork. If accepted, this is not a guarantee that we will elect to keep that illustrator.


For Book Submissions:

Children’s Picture Books

Please submit the complete manuscript.
Please attach artwork, if there is any.
The length should be no longer than 60 pages.

No original samples of artwork, copies or scans only.
Please scan your artwork at 600 dpi, and submit at 75 dpi.
If lettered manually, please render all text in pencil, as this will be easier for you to edit.
If submitting a story, please submit it in comic book script, in a Word or text document.

Nonfiction books

Length should be between 25,000 to 50,000 words.

Before submitting to Kat Biggie Press, please read about how our press works. We also ask that you include in the body of your email any details you’d like to include about whether your project has been previously edited and in what capacity. We’re interested in your thoughts about the state you think your project is in so we can better understand your journey to get here. We prefer Word attachments with either .doc or .docx extensions. Please label your file: LAST NAME_SUBMISSION.docx.

Formatting specifications include:
Common font (Times; Times New Roman; Georgia)
12-point font size
Page numbers included

We are committed to bringing viable projects into the marketplace. If we determine that your manuscript is ready for publication, we will email you a KBP publication agreement and you will opt into the Kat Biggie Press publishing package. If you have not yet connected with an editor, we will coordinate that element with you and provide you contact information from our database of trusted editors.

For Illustrators ONLY:

Please provide samples (if you work in a number of styles, we appreciate seeing samples of each style) in an Internet ready format, such as JPEG, PNG, or PDF.

We will keep your query and samples on file for a year and will contact you if we have a project suitable for your talents.

We will need to know the following:

Date created, medium used, prices at which you’ll work, the length of time in which you can accomplish a project.

Please Submit to submissions@katbiggiepress.com