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Sharissa Bradley

For authors who choose to go the self-publishing route and partner with a hybrid publisher like Kat Biggie Press, their passion project is an investment of not only time and energy but money. Some authors are able to finance the publishing process with their own funds or with the help of family. When that is not an option, authors may turn to crowdfunding.  Today, we are sharing one such campaign, created by Kat Biggie Press author, Sharissa Bradley, whose book is slated for a December 2018 release.

Sharissa’s forthcoming book strives to teach readers how to gain total body wellness all the way from our psychology to our genetic make-up and includes her personal tips for how to live the healthiest life possible. The book also includes several expert interviews and success stories. Perhaps most importantly, however, the book follows an actionable path with a custom workbook that will help readers create their own plan.

After personally being diagnosed with 4-autoimmune diseases, Sharissa leaned very heavily on her research background to learn as much as she could about the origin of autoimmunity, and options for healing outside of standard medical advice. After 6 months of research and using myself as a guinea pig, she was able to reverse her antibody response until it was untraceable. When she finally felt well enough to share her story with the world, she began coaching people to their own success stories.

Sharissa Bradley is an experimental psychologist turned nutritionist who has spent the last 10 years studying psychology, the human brain, health, nutrition, myths around food as well as the idea that we know what to do and yet we still, seemingly, chose not to do it.

To learn more about Sharissa and support the Healthy Lifestyle Revolution, visit her IndieGoGo campaign.

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