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Featured Author: Suzanne Brown

Mompowerment: Making Work-Life Balance Easier

After working part-time for a year once her older son was born, Suzanne Brown began her entrepreneurial journey as a strategic marketing and business consultant. Several years ago, Suzanne discovered a passion for helping moms define their own version of success and work-life balance.

When moms consider their career options, they traditionally think only of working full time or staying at home. What about the huge area in between? How can you be the mom you want to be without walking away from your career and all you’ve worked so hard for? What if you could work part-time, continuing down your professional path, and actually spend quality time with family?

Suzanne Brown shares her expertise combined with detailed research and advice from other part-time working moms. In her book, Mompowerment: Insights from Successful Professional Part-time Working Moms Who Balance Career and Family, she recounts stories, advice, and insights from her own experience and more than 110 other professional part-time working moms to:
• empower you to think differently about career and work-life balance
• provide a how-to for transitioning your career model

By the end of this book, you’ll be able to see if the professional part-time option is right for you, think through mindset shifts, make changes at home and at work, and set yourself up for success in your new career approach.




More About Suzanne:

Suzanne Brown is a part-time strategic marketing and business consultant, TEDx speaker, author, and avid international traveler. For more than 12 years, Suzanne worked at various large marketing agencies in Austin, New York, Miami, Chicago, and San Antonio, managing integrated marketing campaigns for large international corporate clients. While still at a large marketing agency, her part-time work story started, after the birth of her older son. Suzanne started her entrepreneurial venture after having a consulting side business for 7 years while still in the corporate world. As a consultant with her own clients, she had more flexibility and control over her schedule. A year into being an entrepreneur, Suzanne realized that there were limited resources for career moms interested in transitioning to a professional part-time role. And the idea for her book was born. Suzanne received her MBA, Bachelor of Business Administration, and Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from The University of Texas Austin. Suzanne and her husband live in Austin, Texas. You can often find them during non-work time trying to keep up with their two active young boys, whether on a local hike or a far-off adventure. Read more from Suzanne about topics related to being a busy, working mom and find more resources and templates to help you on your own professional part-time journey on her website.


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