Behind the Secret Garden Door

Behind the Secret Garden Door

Kirkus Reviews says Behind the Secret Garden Door is "An enjoyable escapade, especially pleasing for canine lovers."

Behind the Secret Garden door written and illustrated by Sandy Lee is a delightful story about Teddy the Westie and his adventure on a day when?his human "sister" Charlotte goes off to?school. Teddy is an inquisitive Westie and decides to explore when he hears a high pitch sound outside.
He finds a giant hole dug under his secret garden door and pokes his head in to see what he can see.
He slips, and then his adventures begins with several interesting characters living in the Secret Garden.

Teddy meets flinches and frogs and a regal butterfly and they all warn him of the potential danger lurking in the garden? The Red Fox. This beautifully illustrated story appeals to a child?s curiosity, imagination and sense of adventure. It teaches camaraderie and kindness. Certainly a wonderful book to add to any child?s collection and a great story to read out loud and admire the beautiful artwork.

Nina Palmer, Manager of Transcontinental Publishing

About the Book

Fall in love with cuddly Teddy MacDougal, an inquisitive West Highland white terrier on his mischievous adventure behind the Secret Garden Door. Once inside the garden, Teddy learns about the perils of the garden specifically, the Red Fox of Kennelworth. Meet all the woodland creatures from the author’s garden like the three yellow finches, Farrel the Frog, King Elliot, a monarch butterfly and even Teddy’s human little sister Charlotte. As an outspoken westie, Teddy finds himself struggling to fit in with his new friends and discovers a life lesson along the way that will leave you longing for the next book.

Genre: Children's book
Tag: children's books
Publisher: Purple Butterfly Press
Publication Year: 2019
Illustrator: Sandie Leigh
ISBN: 9781948604598
List Price: 21.99
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