Happy Tears and Rainbow Babies

Happy Tears and Rainbow Babies

?What are happy tears and rainbow babies??One day, on a walk with Mommy and Daddy, Rosie and Capi learn all about happy tears and rainbow babies. Set against the backdrop of a rainbow, Happy Tears and Rainbow Babies tells the story of how faith brought healing and hope to one family after the pain and loss of miscarriage. Written from a mother to her children, this story engages the reader in a conversation that families everywhere can share and benefit from.

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About the Book

When children ask questions about rainbow babies, how can parents respond in a way that is sensitive, thoughtful and appropriate for small children? In Happy Tears and Rainbow Babies, Rosie learns that there was a baby in her mommy’s tummy before Rosie was born.? Rosie’s excitement over a rainbow brings tears from her mother, confusing little Rosie.? “Don’t you like rainbows?, ” Rosie asks her mother.? This opens the door to a sweet conversation about rainbow babies, and a way to help young children navigate this tough, and sometimes confusing, topic.

Genre: Children's book
Tags: grieving mothers, grieving parents, miscarriage
Publisher: Purple Butterfly Press
Publication Year: 2019
Format: Paperback
Illustrator: Keevyn Mohammed and Kyle Stephen
ISBN: 9781948604208

List Price: 9.99
eBook Price: 2.99
The story is beautiful and the author approaches a difficult topic with finesse and elegance. The illustrations by Keevyn Mohammed and Kyle Stephen are bright and as colorful as the rainbow and its beauty. It is informative for readers to learn about the symbolism of the rainbow and what it represents. The book also captures family bonding along with how to bring up the topic of miscarriage and saying goodbye to babies before they are born. It is a good story for all parents and children, and the author's perception of the spiritual beliefs that exist in families has been knitted into it deftly. This is not a topic that is usually spoken about in children's books and that makes the story unique and fresh.
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